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just forget me

it's that simple

16 May
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i don't use this journal anymore
if you're cool enough, you'd know my other username already
but if you don't, its baba_0riley

there are two mood themes that i use every once in a while and one of them was cut by closingxtime and the other (that i'll probably use more often) was made by ssdksy
the original artist of these is kurt halsey (frederiksen)

"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today."- James Dean

"Better to burn out than fade away"- Kurt Cobain

"Just because people have a range of emotions and thoughts... sometimes they get ecstatically happy about something and at other times ridiculously depressed, doesn't mean that there's something wrong with them"- Elliott Smith</b>

lj takes up much more of my life than it should but i used to have a name on xanga and i also have a name on myspace but its kinda dumb so i only go on it when random people add me

my favorite colorbars

and some other pretty things

click on the creepy stalker penguin to see my other colorbars

a tribute made by __atticus


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